Another Delay!

Well, readers, there is another delay before I start to work on book 2 – Darwin’s Flaw: The Solution Book – in which I’ll be using a critical eye to solve our global social problems through an evolutionary psychology perspective – the core….

What’s the roadblock this time?

Well, after spending the entire summer working on the house – Finding and supervising workers putting on a new roof and driveway and the home owners insurance attached to those physical amenities, I have to start planning for “the big exit” and the excruciating boring legal stuff that is attached to the end-of-life options; these are heavy considerations to balance while still alive.

For the next several months, my wife and I will be in close contact with our new law firm and we will be working on the details of Long-Term Health Care, Wills, Trusts and additional documents.

I hate every minute of it and I am going through withdrawal symptoms craving for a return to studying and writing the second book in the series and my immersion into evolutionary psychology.

To keep my brain from turning into mush, I have slowly begun to purchase used books via and the books are piling up in a corner waiting for their turn to occupy my intense interest; this is in concert with articles that I find of interest on the digital New York Times.

I haven’t done it yet, but it is on my “to do list” – the third book that will be a complete compilation of my essays that I wrote online from 1995 to 2014.

At this rate, I think the third book may get published before the “solutions” book.