Darwin's Flaw 2.0

The Solutions Book
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Warning: Failure to make any social, political and economic changes—changes from the bottom of society upward—will result in the usual repetition of history that leads to eventual failure of the controlling society into collapse—led by males.

Written for an audience 200 years in the future, William Spriggs follows up his first book, Darwin’s Flaw, with this deadly serious examination of societal ills like the wage gap, #MeToo, and social security. The problems are pervasive, so the solutions must be radical.

From the Introduction:

This is book two in the Darwin’s Flaw series, and I have sub-titled it, The Solution Book. And like Darwin’s first book, which he was reluctant to publish because of its controversial suggestion that, perhaps, it was not God’s hand that created humans, I will tread lightly upon what I see as the inevitable future solutions for our species. Some will applaud what I write while others will condemn these same scenarios and we will all hopefully meet somewhere in the middle. But, let’s be clear here—by meaningful solutions for our future, I don’t mean next month or next even year, but perhaps in about 50 to 100 years into the future, or maybe even more.