Day One in Castle Pines
November 8, 2016

I have entered a temporary situation that I find I cannot escape: I am a 71-year-old au-pair to my son-in-law in the bedroom community of Castle Pines, Colorado as his current “employee” walked off her job in a “labor conflict” – as in wanting more money.

This caused a temporary “crises” for my son-in-law (who currently is without a spouse in the house) having to care for three children in one situation, and a demanding job requiring his full attention and pulling him in the other direction.

I’ve did this “au-pair job” several years ago when my home life in Colorado was strained in my relationship with my wife, Diana. Let’s just say that the environment was not going all that well before the publication of Darwin’s Flaw: Man’s Superiority to Women in Mate Selection, and I needed a break. Not in the traditional, “my marriage is going bad and I need a separation,” but more of a reliable relative extending a helping hand to his son-in-law and grandchildren in a difficult transition.

My son-in-law got a promotion in Colorado while working in Las Vegas in his chosen field of wireless communication and wanted help in transferring to Colorado where I was living in the western outskirts of Denver in Lakewood, Colorado. Prior to his move, he picked a very nice home in Castle Pines, located about 35 miles south of the center of Denver. The house in his one of the many residential cul-de-sacs in this community.

Let’s just say that my son-in-law is a tough, top-down, give-orders kinda guy and attempts to delegate authority to those beneath him because that is what those in the hierarchical position above him require of him: total obedience. He has managed to survive in a tough environment, and as such, is behaving in a manner that suits his daily life.

Unfortunately, if people below him, — including his own children — who don’t toe the line – the tough corporate lifestyle likely causes internal strife in his aggressive male nature that surfaces in his domestic sphere and sometimes strikes out in anger or a show of force – even to those he loves.

But in the case of my son-in-law, his anger is controlled and subdued – at least to me. But perhaps, that is also a sign of his “desperate” situation of not finding a suitable au-pair, and I, at least, am “acceptable.”

In the “old days” when there were no viable “escape” routes for young women, unmarried and needing employment because of lack of education and poor working conditions – employment with my son-in-law would have been ideal.

Perhaps I am in disruptive moment in my life….I want to begin book two of Darwin’s Flaw, and this temporary glitch of preparing meals, making sure the kids are dressed and out the door for school is getting in the way for a positive writing environment – but not impossible – it just will take adjustment to the local environment and adapting.

It has been a tremulous summer…My home insurance sent us a letter telling us that my home owner’s insurance was on the brink of cancellation due to an obsolete roofing material and then rubbing insult upon injury by insisting that our driveway be repaved. Diana and I had to refinance our home to pay for the roof and driveway; we decided to refinance and went through the entire ton of, what seemed like, repetitive forms to fill out [yes, that is correct, this 71 year old just refinanced his home for another 30 years hitch!!]. And to top off the summer, we decided it was time to finally get around to that Last Will and Stuff to Take Care Business Before We Turn To Dust Business.  So, off to the lawyers for that.  $5,000 later and a notebook 3 inches thick, we have a document that tells our relatives what to do if we can no longer think straight or utter an intelligent thought.

But, the bottom-line here is that after I settle in and get used to the routine – most likely I will begin work on the second book – Darwin’s Flaw 2.0: The Solution Book.

Keep your fingers crossed!/