Darwins_Flaw_CoverHow do you describe your book to really smart strangers?

Bill Gates, the Microsoft cofounder, once was quoted in the New York Times that: “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t really understand it.” Darwin did not apply to male-kind in 1859 what he saw in nature: that the female selects a particular male as the best candidate for the success of her progeny. Instead, he reversed the equation.

Why was it important to you to write this book?

Sometimes you just have to shout out loud what you see as the obvious truth that others have refused or can’t see. If you don’t let it out, it will consume you internally in a negative emotional manner.

Can you talk about the title? You’re not saying that men are actually superior to women, right?

That is correct. If you boil the book down into its basic elements it says: After the male followed the female out of the jungle, her diet changed from vegetarian to meat-based while at the same time standing upright caused her physicality to change. The children she bore grew larger brains while at the same time her birth canal narrowed due to walking upright producing a child that had to have a longer time to mature outside her body. Thus, she selected stronger, aggressive males to protect her progeny from other aggressive males. When our species stopped migrating and tilling the soil with the heavy plow, the male’s overpowering strength found his “superior” position advantageous – especially if he kept the highly sexually desirous female (by other males) “captured,” and preventing her from educating herself and expressing her thoughts. Now, zoom forward to 2016 and look at which gender graduates in larger numbers from higher educational institutions in the USA and you can see the gender shift in dominance slowing tilting toward the female.

What was the writing process like for Darwin’s Flaw? You must have done a lot of research.

I compare the writing of this book very similar to putting together a large 5,000 piece picture jigsaw puzzle. You judge each piece of the puzzle to see if it fits into the specific location of the puzzle that is already completed. If the piece you are attempting to fit – doesn’t – then you move to a similar piece. Suddenly, you reach a point where you palm-slap your forehead and yell, “Eureka, of course!” when you see the “larger picture.” That moment arrived after about 21 years of gathering pieces of information together with intense personal observations and pondering the interactions of both of our genders through historical timelines. All while getting up each morning and punching a time-clock in exchanging my labor for the privilege of typing out my theories during my ½ hour lunch breaks in my mail truck with a small portable laptop.BillSpriggs_Headshot

If you could tell people one thing about the book to pique their interest, what would it be?

It’s always been about the female making decisions for the success of our species at a particular moment in time at a specific location on this wonderful planet. Or, perhaps we should say, “Mother Nature knew best at the beginning, and she still does.”


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