To the readers of this blog                        1/29/2017

My deepest apologies to my readers for not posting sooner, but family issues have kept me busy over the holidays and even now weigh heavily on my time available to write.

Long story short: My son-in-law found himself without an Au Pair after a shouting match about working too many hours (like 18 hour days) and walked off the job. He asked if I could help and I volunteered to step in, but my “filling-in” has now extended to 5 months and I am beginning to complain about the time that I have to spend away from my wife about 35 miles from my home in Lakewood, Colorado.

I do commute home every weekend, but even then it makes establishing a regular schedule conducive to writing difficult. Writing is like exercise – you have to do it every day or else your brain – like your muscles – get stiff and hard to move.

At the same time, I feel the vacuum of the new book pulling at me more and more each day, and I am determined to publish this second book by October or November of this year, 2017.

Below is a very, very skimpy outline of the book. Sorry, that I can’t be more formal, but I think that once the thought process has been crystallized, I will keep you updated as to the progress…but there could be changes along the way that will differ from that below.

1/29/2017 730am…

Before I start a new book, I ask myself “What is it that you want to tell others?”

Darwin’s Flaw, 2.0: The Solution Book

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Due to expense and time of acquiring books at my age [71] with limited funds and the overwhelming amount of information on the WWW, I write that for book 2, I will limit my information gathering from published books and focus primarily on WWW sources; just a guess, but I would estimate that 75% come from The New York Times. [If you can’t guess that I am a liberal progressive by now, then there is little hope of you understanding the conceptual memes behind this second book].


[Ease from old book to new] OK, we evolved from apes in the jungle. Now what?  At the end of book one I left you with, etc…Book 2.0 will basically be extended essays that I have been reluctant to express all these years – kinda like Darwin holding back on the concept of evolution during the height of England emerging dominance in the world and religion still had a powerful grip on the population’s thought process].

Book 2.0 will touch on, what I see as the core problem of gender differences and what really props them up; a critical look at my own religion [Catholicism] and the gender differences that are perpetuated through that institution; a new look at polyandry, inner cities, child and elder care centers located adjacent to high schools; another “new look at sexuality,” —  but what I consider most important, what is in store for our species.

Chapter 1: IT’S ABOUT SEX, STUPID. The Global Biological Village: We are all related by biology but separated by culture. We all breathe the same air…pee & poop,

Most important question: What does history teach us about the reason that past Civilizations collapse? Name 10 of them. Could it be that they were led primarily by males?

Chapter 2 IS GOD A MALE? Will we have peace and non-armed conflicts if we only have male Gods?  Is my God better than your God? Religious gender reforms. As a Catholic, I take on the Catholic Church….males primarily as dominates and females in a minority role. Goal: 75 years to implement change by replacing priests who die off with women until equilibrium is reached.

Chapter 3: POSSE COMITATUS 2.0  Primary objective? To stop useless violence. Shifting resources down to the lower rungs of society; reconstructing center core of broken cities; stabilizing inequalities of those societies; insisting that all young male and females attend school and remain there until achieving some sort of stabilizing factor.  Possible early recruits for future recruitment in military units; elimination of drug use; Physical reconstructing the center core of cities. (Example: Replace lead lined pipes). 1% of entire military budgets….plus National Guard inclusion. Jobs in poor neighborhoods….carpentry – buying houses from vacant landlords and rebuilding them and “giving?” them to the neighbors? Postal Banks (see post depression era?

Chapter 4: POLYANDRY : Female leadership ). Depends on males “re-tasking” from warrior to caregiver. If WAR is just a substitute for male-resource gathering which was essential in the past for the male to “attract” females, and which in turn, leads to sexual contact then what? So, if multiple males are attached to a central dominating female and culture approves of such “behavior,” then how will that “change” our societies?

Chapter 5: CHILD AND ELDER CARE facilities. TOGETHER (not a problem for our earliest ancestors) Expanding the use of local educational systems around the country to construct new facilities located next to High Schools that care for children and the elderly together. A three pointed system where all who use the facilities must pay; And who attends to the infants and elderly? High School students – some of which will use the money they earn for higher education, and some will be attached to the new industry and be readily employed.

Chapter 6: THE NEW MORAL REALITY Sex Education in Real Time.  (Yes, in the flesh) Moving money from the top to the bottom w/o raising taxes on the rich. It is about time that we face reality – to cite a quote from — THE RICH ARE NOT LIKE YOU AND ME — and the reason is that they will do anything to isolate themselves from you and me to reinforce there “superiority” and thus allow them to remain in their lofty positions without guilt. My response to that is let the rich  isolate themselves and let them die on their own.….why would we want to touch their selfish money?

Chapter 7:  TRUE POLITICAL REPRESENTATION Reforming American legislatures (and the world) (see pay scale differences by occupations) At one time this nation was rural and depending on those who did the farming for our food supply. We even shifted our election days to Tuesdays so that the farmers who brought in the farm products from the field could rest on Sunday and attend churches and allowing Mondays to travel to the cities and vote the next day. A lot has changed since then and our political system should reflect those changes.

Chapter 8: POSPERITY IS NOT A RELIGION Discuss in detail the birth of IRA’s Individual Retirement Accounts and then discuss the birth of “prosperity is a religion” movement…is greed just disguised as a religious movement? ….it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I emphasis that starving the base of society to a point collapse from the lack of funds threatens the stability of the entire structure upon which society rests.

Rewarding diversity by marriage and children??? Can we financially reward diversity?? Chapter 9: THE SPORTS-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. “Give them bread and circuses” is a quote from where? Ban all female cheerleaders as a sexual drag from the past that reinforces gender differences in favor of male supremacy and female subjugation a violent extravaganzas;   Extend or create Title 9 type programs for professional sport teams. Imagine sports teams in the future with equal male and female players? – and of course, skimpy outfits for both the males and females – I mean, we have to remember that the sports teams are propped up by their fans. Is the “violence” that fans enjoy or is just a holdover from our jungle escape days when violence selected the alpha male and we got to enjoy watching the sexual conquests that the Alpha male participated in?  I’m thinking aggressive type play without the violence of contact. (it would be more visual – goal: 50 years to implement. A new industry of game inventions is created where males and females participate equally.

Taming male aggression. – Why are males as aggressive as a sub-species? It’s because when the female’s body was evolving from knuckle-crawling to standing upright exclusive and her body had to adjust, the female selected those males as the best possible method for helping her escape from the jungle and the abuse she took from Alpha males and the greater freedoms of raising her progeny. Female controlled prostitution (Need a new name?) Yes, my children, I am talking about the limited and highly controlled legalization of prostitution. But, I would recommend starting in the poorer cities in America. Why not? Most of powerful white America does not give a damn about poor African-Americans and Latinos, anyways. And why stress about it if those cities are surrounded by and have permanent installation of unarmed Posse Comitias troops stationed within those inner cities?

This direction is important because males having sex on a regular basis results in the diminished need to be aggressive – go into depth concerning the world of the BONOBOS. Why is there no violence in their social circles? Because it is a female-led society – but more importantly, sex between males and females is a primary social function. Male chimpanzees and apes are aggressive because they need to be the Alpha males in order to enjoy unlimited sexual access. So, if controlled, unlimited sex is available to sexually active males, will overall male aggression subside??


It began with the female when we were still in the jungle as she led us out and will resume with the female understanding her important role in our species future: that she is the fountainhead of all life. If she fails to obtain this high peak of evolution, then we are doomed by those females who cling to Alpha males of the past. Alpha males are merely utilizing their biological talents handed down to them through evolution.

If we fail to recognize this basic fact, then I am afraid that we are doomed to repeat our masculine heritage: the mistake that males are the more important gender on this planet…..for good and for evil…..and we are at the stage where the slightest mistake will darken our planet for a very, very, very, long time.

If that happens, are we doomed to roam a wasteland destroyed by Alpha males trying to over-extend their power and are doomed to etch out a meager existence forever?

End blog….1/29/2017/