This is just a brief message to let my faithful followers know that I have started book two in the Darwin’s Flaw series. The title: Darwin’s Flaw 2.0: The Solution’s Book.

This book will detail the ideas that have been circulating in my thoughts since I finished book one. I think I have spent enough time on trying to promote book one – with minimal success. But I understand that I have no established publishing network behind me.  It is a lonely path, but one that I have to travel. It is about the future of our species. Not a popular subject when one breaks the ideas down into an evolutionary perspective.

After the publication of Book One, I sent out over 250 book samples to college professors. So far, I have had only one response.  But I also understand that when I sent the books out, these professors were just finishing up their academic year with finals before them with grading and dismissals.

I hope that they will take the small paper-back book with them when they leave on their summer break and have time to think about the book and the premises that I brought up and then return to the school year in the fall with new insight into the origins of our human ancestry and where we may be heading.

One can only plant the seeds of an idea and hope, that with the help of nature and God that the message will get through.