Hey, everyone.

Just a quick note to let you know that everyday homeownership and life requirements have temporarily taken priority over studies and writing. Real quick: I’ve done research and now I’m in the actual process of changing my PCP – Primary Care Physician and location. I also have to research roofing companies because the house needs a new roof; we also need a new driveway, so I have to search for a contractor for that. In addition my wife and I have to search and continue our homeowner’s insurance coverage (because of a need for a new roof). In order to help pay for all this, we will attempt to get a home equity loan…which requires gathering and listing assets and liabilities around the home and, once again, filling out applications – but this time for the bank. Three weeks ago we had to install a sump-pump in our basement so we don’t have a repeat of the heavy rain damage that we incurred last year. That entailed having a section of the basement dug up with a jack-hammer and this huge pump installed. And finally, my wife insisted that I start finding LTC – long term care insurance – and, of course, with that entails filling out all the end-of-life forms that are required to instruct your family about how to handle your end-of-life decisions and wishes before one does the BIG EXIT.

You know – being married (or mated as I constantly maintain in my writings) and having the spouse around to share your struggles, hopes, dreams, failures and triumphs with is great, but I’ll be honest – I sometime miss the solitude and “emptiness” of constant study, writing and reflections during my “oneness” periods.  But even that desire for study and knowledge does not overcome the comfort of knowing that your mate in sitting next to or lying next to you as someone you know that can help carry part of the load of life’s responsibilities and challenges. [And of course, the relatively easy availability of sexual intimacy is a big bonus [you women aren’t stupid – how do you think you persuaded we males to leave the jungle in the first place?]

Bottom-line? Most likely, if all goes as planned, I’ll begin to resume studies and writing around late August or early September about the time everyone returns for the resumption of their school years.

/Hang in there and have a Grand Summer! Bill