The Last of the Big Time Knuckle-Crawlers?
October 11, 2016

The American election for a new American President is in full swing.

To my fans on the European Continent who may not be aware of the American political process over here, we are fortunate (or unfortunate) to be able to clean house and start all over again every four years with a new President (or a continuation of the old) to change or maintain the political direction of the country.

This would be my 10th general election or so that I have had the privilege to vote in since I first voted in 1963 – having missed a few here and there along the way while maintaining the unmistakable belief that “my vote does not matter.”

But, even I have to admit that this one is extraordinarily unique and special. Since 1789 when the first election was held, this will be the first time that America will have a female as a candidate for President at the top of a political ticket. And as I write these words, there is less than a month to go until the voting day arrives on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.

Actually, here in Colorado, I have the privilege of voting by mail and will most likely drop my ballot in the mailbox to be counted sometime around October 20th, 2016. As a former letter-carrier with the U. S. Postal Service, I am very proud of this very easy and effective manner in which to vote. In fact, the last time I stood in line at a polling location was to cast my vote for Bill Clinton in 1992 — by strange paradox, the husband of the first female candidate for President.

But, I digress slightly. The reason for this entry is not that a female is a candidate for a major party, but that her opponent, Donald Trump, can be finally be classified no less than an old-fashioned, insensitive and boorish Alpha Male by national attention focused on Mr. Trump’s words addressing women in demeaning and sexually insulting manner while bragging to a fellow male in what is commonly known as male “locker-room banter” or braggadocio; usually the banter has a sexual theme to the conversation, but always, always — it has the man on top and the female in a submissive and demeaning role or position – physically, socially or cultural.

I think this is really significant because if we look at past American history, we find that there has been this historical blind eye looking the other way when past male American Presidents have had affairs or have been know to have sexual liaisons; some of the more famous – Dwight Eisenhower (in Europe during WWII), Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or the handsome glamour boy and war hero, John F. Kennedy.

So, why the change in political climate that gave passes to past Presidents for their behavior, but in 2016 finds the climate totally unacceptable for a male candidate (and, I would assume, a female candidate – if such an occurrence would arise).

Because, in my humble opinion, we are in the moment in biological history when women have begun to assert their rightful position in the male/female dynamic and are no longer willing to be sexual playthings of the male gender as the sole or best method of passing on the best possible advantages for their progeny.

The continuing graduation rates of more women graduating from colleges and universities since 2009 in America is slowly finding fertile ground in the social, higher-educational and political levels. It is not yet at a tipping point of female advantages in all levels of our society – but it is very close — at least on the Big Bang Cosmic Calendar Clock where 1/10 of a second is the equivalent of 25 years.

I don’t want to brag – but America is an exceptional melting-pot where the mixture of genes of many generations of immigrants who came to this country with the hope of a better life – combined with their hopes, dreams, and sheer tenacity of success have all been passed on genetically to the benefit of others.

/Now, as a observer of human behavior, it will be very interesting to watch the first American female President transform this great nation one more time and to see my prediction that there will be an elevation of women to their true natural tendencies: leaders of our species.